The EMOU (electronic memorandum of understanding) system streamlines the process for the development of an academic agreement. Domestic and Internationally focused agreements have their own templates and questions, designed to assist the unit in providing the majority of the information needed to create a first draft of the agreement quickly and easily.

What to expect

The process begins by selecting whether it is a domestic or international agreement. The NOI (notification of intent) section provides a series of questions and drop-down menus, across three tabs, to provide the basic information on who the agreement is with and what the parties want the agreement to cover. The first is basic identification information. The second tab is for the partner institutions contact information. The third and final tab is where the templates reside. After selecting a template, specific questions will appear that assist in completing the generation of the initial draft of the agreement.

Once the NOI is submitted, the appropriate personnel in domestic (Marcy Glover) or international (Krista Uhrig) reviews the submission and determines if the correct template has been selected. If you have any questions before beginning, please contact either individuals listed above for guidance. Once the correct template is confirmed, the NOI goes to the appropriate supervising personnel in the submitter’s unit, to include the Dean. Once the Dean has approved, the EMOU moves into the development to draft stage.

The system is designed to allow you to save your work and return if you need to get additional information or need to edit any portion.