Welcome to Mason's e-MOU System

George Mason University's Electronic MOU System (e-MOU) is an online tool developed by the Office of the Provost to create and track both domestic and international memorandums of understanding (MOU) and other academic cooperative agreements.

The e-MOU process begins with a notification of intent (NOI) in which information about the collaboration and partner is collected. The request is then forwarded to the respective deans and Provost's designees for permission to move ahead with planning. If appropriate, key administrative offices may be notified, and templates are provided to the originator to facilitate the preparation of a draft MOU. The originator is responsible for engaging key administrative offices if so requested. Upon completion, the draft is sent to the MOU Committee (including representatives of University Counsel) for review. Final approval of the agreement is contingent upon compliance with all relevant policy and regulations.

Please note that this process may take more than three weeks or longer, depending on the complexity of the agreement and the number of agreements waiting for review.

To begin an NOI please click the appropriate button below.